For over 20 years, ESIP meetings have brought together the most innovative thinkers and leaders around Earth science data, thus forming a community dedicated to making Earth science data more discoverable, accessible and useful to researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and the public. The theme of this year’s meeting is "Data for All People: From Generation to Use and Understanding."

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Rustem Albayrak

Senior Software Engineer
avatar for Martha Apple

Martha Apple

Biological Sciences, Montana Technological University
avatar for Aimee Barciauskas

Aimee Barciauskas

Development Seed
Data engineer
avatar for Stace Beaulieu

Stace Beaulieu

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
ESIP rep for WHOI
avatar for Karl Benedict

Karl Benedict

University of New Mexico
Director of Research Data Services & Information Technology
avatar for Abby Benson

Abby Benson

U.S. Geological Survey
avatar for Gary Berg-Cross

Gary Berg-Cross

Ontolog Board Member
avatar for Mathew Biddle

Mathew Biddle

Data Management Analyst
avatar for Dave Blodgett

Dave Blodgett

U.S. Geological Survey
avatar for Jonathan Blythe

Jonathan Blythe

Data Manager
avatar for Kelsey Breseman

Kelsey Breseman

Environmental Data & Governance Initiative
Archiving Program Lead
avatar for Amber Budden

Amber Budden

Director for Learning and Outreach
avatar for Pier Luigi Buttigieg

Pier Luigi Buttigieg

Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration / GEOMAR
Digital Knowledge Steward / Senior Data Scientist

Agnes Cameron

Knowledge Futures Group
avatar for Megan Carter

Megan Carter

Community Director
avatar for Rob Casey

Rob Casey

IRIS Data Services
Deputy Director of Cyberinfrastructure
avatar for Bob Chen

Bob Chen

CIESIN/Columbia University
Director & Senior Research Scientist
avatar for Tyler Christensen

Tyler Christensen

NOAA / National Ocean Service
avatar for Caroline Coward

Caroline Coward

NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Library Group Supervisor
avatar for Steve Diggs

Steve Diggs

Scripps Institution of Oceanography / UC San Diego
Technical Director, CCHDO
avatar for Robert R. Downs

Robert R. Downs

Columbia University
Senior Digital Archivist
avatar for Chris Erdmann

Chris Erdmann

American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Assistant Director, Data Stewardship
avatar for Doug Fils

Doug Fils

Ocean Leadership
avatar for Simon Goring

Simon Goring

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Brooks Hanson

American Geophysical Union
avatar for Denise Hills

Denise Hills

Geological Survey of Alabama
Director, Energy Investigations
avatar for Nancy Hoebelheinrich

Nancy Hoebelheinrich

Knowledge Motifs LLC
avatar for Leslie Hsu

Leslie Hsu

U.S. Geological Survey
Coordinator, Community for Data Integration
avatar for Dave Jones

Dave Jones

StormCenter Communications
StormCenter Communications
avatar for Matt Jones

Matt Jones

DataONE, UC Santa Barbara
Director, DataONE Program
avatar for Christine Kirkpatrick

Christine Kirkpatrick

San Diego Supercomputer Center, UC San Diego
Division Director, Research Data Services
avatar for SJ Klein

SJ Klein

the Underlay Project
avatar for Sara Lafia

Sara Lafia

University of Michigan
Research Fellow
avatar for Madison Langseth

Madison Langseth

U.S. Geological Survey

Diana LaScala-Gruenewald

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
avatar for Kerstin Lehnert

Kerstin Lehnert

avatar for Julia Lowndes

Julia Lowndes

NCEAS, UC Santa Barbara
Senior Fellow, Openscapes Director
avatar for Sara Lubkin

Sara Lubkin

avatar for Robert McGuinn

Robert McGuinn

NOAA/NCEI/Northern Gulf Institute
Conservation Biologist / Data Systems Manager
avatar for Karen Moe

Karen Moe

NASA Goddard Emeritus
avatar for David F. Moroni

David F. Moroni

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center
Data Stewardship and User Services Team Lead

Tom Narock

Goucher College

Steve Olding

ESDIS Project
ESDSWG Coordinator
avatar for Tom Parris

Tom Parris

ISciences LLC
avatar for Hampapuram K. Ramapriyan

Hampapuram K. Ramapriyan

Science Systems and Applications, Inc.
Research Scientist, Subject Matter Expert

Sarah Ramdeen

Columbia University
Data Curator
avatar for Stephen Richard

Stephen Richard

U. S. Geoscience Information Network
Independent contractor
avatar for Erin Robinson

Erin Robinson

Metadata Game Changers LLC
Co-Founder & Leadership Coach
avatar for Robert Rovetto

Robert Rovetto

Concept engineer. Aspriring student open to study and work...
avatar for Erin Satterthwaite

Erin Satterthwaite

California Sea Grant & Scripps Institution of Oceanography
avatar for Adam Shepherd

Adam Shepherd

Technical Director
avatar for Sudhir Shrestha

Sudhir Shrestha

NOAA NWS Office of Water Prediction
Technical Director Web and Dissemination
avatar for Jeff Siarto

Jeff Siarto

NASA EED-2/Element 84
Director of User Experience
avatar for Val Stanley

Val Stanley

Oregon State University
Antarctic Core Curator
avatar for Scotty Strachan

Scotty Strachan

University of Nevada, Reno
Director of Cyberinfrastructure
avatar for Ziheng Sun

Ziheng Sun

George Mason University
Research Assistant Professor
avatar for Bill Teng

Bill Teng

avatar for Andrea Thomer

Andrea Thomer

University of Michigan School of Information
Assistant Professor
avatar for Brian Wee

Brian Wee

Massive Connections, LLC
Founder and Managing Director
avatar for Brandon Whitehead

Brandon Whitehead

Manaaki Whenua -- Landcare Research
environmental data scientist
avatar for Lesley Wyborn

Lesley Wyborn

Australian Research Data Commons
Honorary Professor

Jane Wyngaard

University of Notre Dame